Some of the artists you will hear:

Bob Rivers, Train, Glee Cast, Mariah Carey, Owl City w/ Toby Mac and many, many others.

Great musicians will be singing your favorite classic, traditional and new Christmas themed songs.  Comment on your favorites using my Guestbook at:

Featuring pixel singing Christmas bulbs and mega pixel tree, the whole display has been converted to bright LED bulbs, strings and pixels.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Some of the songs you will hear:


Light of Christmas, I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, Toy Sack, Flu Ride, Frosty the Snowman and The Twelve Pains of Christmas and many others..


See complete list and schedule on our website at:


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Thank you for watching.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Courtesy Guidelines

* Put your car in park

* Turn off your headlights

* Turn on your parking lights for safety

* Don’t block traffic or prevent neighbors from entering their premises

* Be courteous of others

* Watch for pedestrians

Downloadable Schedule at

Watch the lights and listen to the music in the comfort of your car.

Light Details (not 100%)

As long as you are careful and watch for traffic feel free to stand in our driveway or in front of the lights off the street.  Please do not turn up any music device too loud as to disturb neighbors.  If you see me outside, feel free to say hello.  Merry Christmas.

Sunday thru Thursday
5:00pm-11:04 pm

Friday and Saturday

**Schedule subject to change

WARNING: Remain off  the yard as there are many trip hazards and electric cords carrying high voltage and the threat of electric shock exists.  This is especially true when inclement weather is present.


Visit our website at -

Text Box: 2023 Animated Christmas Light Show
2220 Harrison Street S.E.
Decatur, Alabama

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To 107.1 FM To Listen



Singing Faces– 576 pixels

Pixel Stars–  460 pixels
Light Towers- 1442 White LEDs

Rooftop– Strip 775  RGB LEDs
House/Misc.- 7400 RGB LEDs
Snowflakes–  1120 pixels

Mini Pixel Trees–  840 pixels

Mini Trees- 1600 Red/Green LEDs
Cages—3200 Red/Green LEDs

Arches- 1600 White LEDs





Pixel Mega Tree– 2400 RGB LEDs
Pixel Trees– 1600 Pixels

Pixel Poles–  600 pixels

Pixel Canes–  792 pixels


Really Big Lights– 240 RGB LEDs

8 AC Controllers

10 Pixel Controllers